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Rayscan α - Expert 3D

CT + Panoramic + Cephalometric Imaging
Rayscan α - Expert 3D Image

Developed by Ray, a former subsidiary of Samsung, the RAYSCAN α - Expert 3D features comprehensive, high-quality images, short scanning times, and an award-winning design.

Diagnosing patients has never been easier, faster, or more precise!

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At LED Dental, we understand that, as a dental professional, your primary objective is to diagnose, develop protocols, and treat your patients in the most effective way possible.

Dealing with inferior or outdated diagnostic equipment or inadequate customer support related to your imaging technology only takes away from that effort. That’s why we’ve pooled our years of combined clinical and industry experience to develop an easier, customer-focused process that will change the way you experience dental imaging, from sales to service.

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